November 18, 2018

Garner State Park: Why Some Are Calling This Americas Best Kept Secret

Garner State Park is centrally located in Uvalde County, Texas. This recreational area is one of the most popular parks in the state and it is visited by many campers every single year. Whether you are interested in having a great outdoor experience, or you are just looking for a great place to meet new and exciting people, you will likely love what this park has to offer.

Garner State Park

Many people feel that this recreational area is one of America’s best kept secrets, because it offers many amenities other state parks do not offer. When you visit this destination, you will not only have a chance to enjoy sprawling landscapes, skyscraping mountaintops, and excellent riverside campsites, but you will also have a chance to enjoy the traditional dance party that happens nightly here as well.

When you visit this camper’s paradise, you will have all day to hike, swim, and relax, but when the sun sets, you will have a chance to meet up with all of your friends to dance the night away. There is great music and tons of food available here every single night and many people find the experience this wonderful gathering provides to be unforgettable.

There are also many rentals you can enjoy while you are here as well. Whether you are looking for a great campsite, or you just want to rent a tube to float down the river, you will likely find a great rental to top off your camping experience. You can even rent the pavilion for weddings and reunions as well.

Since Garner park offers so much to the people who visit it, many people who get to experience what Garner has to offer while growing up often recall it as being a special piece of their childhoods. For this reason, most people believe Garner Park is a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes.

While visiting this travel destination you should certainly take advantage of the many great amenities that are provided here. Children always enjoy the 18 hole miniature golf course and everyone loves to rent a barbeque pit and picnic table for the day too. These rentals are very affordable too, so everyone who visits the park can enjoy the splendid offerings that are available here.

You can also rent kayaks and peddle boats while you are playing in the sunshine here as well. The freshwater Frio river is very clean and it possesses excellent swimming and kayaking areas. Due to the many freshwater springs that lead into the Frio river, you can always count on it to be crystal clear and icy cold.

Overall, Garner State Park is one of America’s best kept secrets simply because it is such a great place to be and very few people know about it. While it is one of the most visited parks in Texas, the visitors primarily consist of locals. For this reason, anyone who gets a chance to visit this marvelous travel destination is truly very lucky.

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