November 18, 2018

Colorado State Parks: Beautiful Winter Vacation Spots

Summary: Fun and frolic is what the Colorado State Parks offer you and your family. Children would find this an exciting place to visit during their winter vacation. This place has something to offer for kids and adults alike.

If you are planning to give your children a dose of nature and its bounty, here are few of the Colorado State Parks for you to visit.

colorado state parks

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

Whitewater rafting is the most popular and exciting activity in Arkansas Headwaters. Kayaking is another activity which you take over here. You can also take your children on mountain biking and fishing. This is one of the few versatile Colorado State Parks that offer skiing, hiking, picnicking, rafting and many more activities all in one place. This is probably why this place is a complete vacation spot for the entire family. You can camp here even in winters. This would give you an opportunity to practice you skiing. And once the lake is frozen, you can even go ice fishing.

Chatfield State Park

A modern haven amidst nature is what you would get in Chatfield State Park, one of the Colorado State Parks. The campsite is very near to the lake, so you can enjoy fishing and swimming here. Since they provide most of the modern amenities, you can grill and have an eat-out here. The two major activities here are picnicking and boating. Since they have a trail, you can go trekking and biking too. Other activities include hiking, hot air ballooning, ice fishing, skiing, and most importantly snowshoeing.  Since this is a winter vacation spot, you can camp here during winter and experience the whiteness of the winter.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The Cheyenne Mountain trail is about 20 miles. So you can have strenuous trekking, hiking and mountain biking. Despite it being a mountainous region, they have provided amenities like an amphitheatre, conference halls and you can even hold events here. This could be a perfect place to have corporate meeting or just a family get-together. One of the major attractions here is the treasure hunt. If you have a business meeting or a family get-together here, you can have some good time of bonding because of this activity.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

This park has a very exotic name and its surroundings are equally beautiful. This place is even more beautiful when it is covered with snow. The activities here include biking, boating, cross-country skiing, fishing, and horseback riding. As far as snow activities are concerned, skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing are allowed over here, making it another one of the most beautiful winter vacation spots.

A visit to Colorado State Parks would be more fun and frolic and these spots could be on the priority in your vacation list.

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Planning Your Family Vacation to Georgia State Parks

Summary: Come summer time and kids would only think of vacation and would get excited if you plan a vacation to Georgia State Parks.

The list of Georgia State Parks, details about when you can visit them and information about what facilities are available there are given here. There are about 48 state parks in Georgia. This is where you should be giving your kids a vacation that is close to nature.

georgia state parks

Amicalola Falls State Park

If waterfalls are the scenes that your kids are fond of, then you should be heading towards Amicalola Falls State Park, which is one of the Georgia State Parks. These falls, being the highest of the Mississippi Falls, are about 729 feet. You can stay here in cottages and tents. There is also a popular lodge here in case you want a very comfortable stay. This park is for those who are looking for some adventure like hiking and trekking. They have a dining place, which also has some bands playing there. This is one of the places where your children can have a close encounter with nature and enjoy roughing it out.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

This is one of the cleanest Georgia State Parks. There are about three trails that you can go through, The Backcountry Loop Trail, a two miles long trail, The Waterfalls Trail, which is around a mile and The West Rim Loop Trail, the longest of the three, about 5 miles long. You can go swimming and trekking here. Rock climbing is very dangerous, hence forbidden. You have campsites as accommodation in Cloudland Canyon State Park. They are open from 7.00 AM to 10 PM.

Florence Marina State Park

Fishing, swimming, boat rides, and a little bit of Native American history is what this place offers you. As the name itself tells, it is a water park. You can also go on a bird watching trip here. There is another state park close this place, the Providence Canyon State Park. There are some cottages where you can stay overnight. This park also offers some wonderful wildlife and is one of the beautiful Georgia State Parks.

Hamburg State Park

Hamburg State Park has a lot of outdoorsy activities. You can take your kid for some fishing in the Hamburg Lake. You have camps around this place where you can go camping. They also have some crafts festivals around here on the third Saturday of September which your kids can take part in. They also conduct some games here, which should be interesting for kids. The museum in this park will educate your kids about the history of the place.

Planning your vacation to one of the said Georgia State Parks could add a lot more fun and adventure to your vacation with your family.

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Ohio State Parks: Why Some Call Them the Best State Parks in the U.S.

When one stays in the busy and bustling city of Cleveland or any other city in Ohio, finding a nice place to unwind with nature is not at all difficult as there are numerous Ohio state parks. The Ohio state parks are considered to be the best for numerous reasons. The sheer natural beauty, the facilities provided by them and the easy access to them make them extremely popular. In which ever part of the state one resides in, finding one of the state parts close to where you live would be very easy. Ohio is one of those states which takes extreme pride in its natural beauty and the ecology. The Department of Natural Parks has taken numerous steps to ensure that the state parks in this state are conserved and made accessible to the people.

ohio state parks

The other great thing about the Ohio state parks is the diverse activities that can be done in these parks. There are parks which offer various recreational facilities to the people where one can not only spend a quiet afternoon fishing but can also enjoy hiking and other activities. There are also a few places where biking can be done and the terrain and the conditions are both challenging and exhilarating at the same time. There are also a few parks where golf courses are set up and one can enjoy a quiet game of golf in the centre of the woods. There are also several nature preserves where one will be able to sight some of the most fascinating animals and birds. Bird watching is a very popular activity at some parks.

Most of these Ohio state parks even provide accommodation facilities for people who would like to stay in the parks. There are several lodges and huts which are available and reservations can be done well in advance. There are also a few camping sites where families would be able to pitch a tent. Getting the necessary tariffs and rates for the accommodation is also very easy and there are several places from where one will be able to get the necessary information.

There are also several programs and activities specifically designed for the children which can be a lot of fun and at the same time very informative. Ohio state parks are the perfect vacation destination for those who would like to spend some quality time and relax with their families.

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Vacation in the Picturesque Oregon State Parks

Amid a busy city life, people seldom get the time or the opportunity to experience the joy of nature. This is one of the main reasons why many people who are looking to go on a vacation these days choose to go to the state parks and other places where they can get close to the nature. Oregon is one of those states which have some of the best state parks in the country. The Oregon state parks are very famous as the state has diverse ecological conditions and vegetation making each one of the Oregon state parks different from the other. There are numerous state parks and finding a quite place for oneself will not be difficult at all.

oregon state parks

The best thing about going for a vacation in any of the Oregon state parks is that all these parks are taken care of and maintained by the authorities and one can be sure of their safety in these parks. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will be of great assistance to all the people who are considering going for a vacation in the state parks. This department will be able to give one a complete list of all the state parks present in Oregon and also some characteristic features associated with each one of them. One will also be able to make use of the services of this department to find a good and secure campsite in the Oregon state parks.

There are numerous parks with campground where people will be able to camp and get the feel of staying in touch with nature. People will also be able to choose from the numerous yurts and cabins that are provided by the department for staying in any of these Oregon state parks. Making reservations and the necessary arrangements for the accommodation in these places is also very simple. The department also organizes regular group camping and trekking activities every once in a while and provides a great opportunity for people to explore the outdoors.

There are numerous things that can be done in these Oregon state parks. There are a few parks where one will be able to go fishing or even trailing. There are also a few state parks in Oregon where one will be able to get a houseboat and spend some quality time enjoying the beauty of these state parks. There are also a few parks where RVs are permitted and there are specialized places where one can park the RV and go trekking into the state parks.

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Adventure in Washington State Parks

There are a few things that mesmerize both adults and children and Washington state parks are undoubtedly one among them. Washington is bestowed with a beautiful diverse landscape, ranging from Pacific Ocean beaches to alpine lakes, rain forests, and volcanoes covered with ice. Naturally its parks are noted for their natural beauty and unique features. This state has around 120 state parks and each of them offers a variety of activities. If you are a lover of beaches, there are many ocean state parks like Cape Disappointment, Pacific Beaches, Griffiths-Priday and Gray land Beach that offer various water recreational facilities.

washington state parks

Washington boasts of more than 20 state parks that have scuba diving opportunities. It also has many parks near rivers and ponds where you can do fishing, clamming and crabbing. Some riverside parks such as Big Eddy offer facilities for kayaking and canoeing. Several beach Washington state parks, including Doug’s Beach, Lincoln Rock, Crow Butte, Maryhill and Lake Wenatchee offer excellent windsurfing opportunities. There are also certain beach parks that are ideal for beachcombing and sail boarding.

The Mount Spokane State Park has many groomed ski trails for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling during winter and wonderful spots for night skiing. The Washington State Parks’ Winter Recreation Program offers an extensive range of winter recreation activities, including cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, snowmobiling, sledding, dog sledding and tubing. During winter, there are more than 120 sno-parks in Washington and among them about 40 parks are meant for non-motorized snow activities. You can do overnight camping in most of these Washington sno-parks.

The Washington state parks offer year round camping opportunities to those who love to explore the beauty and diversity of nature. Many state parks provide camping accommodation, such as cabins, yurts and rustic shelters to the campers for rent. The cabins typically have covered porches, roomy interiors, electricity, heat and some furnishings. The yurts are round dome-shaped tents, which are made from heavy and durable canvas fabric.

Many Washington state parks have magnificent amenities for wildlife and bird watching. You can see migrating gray whales and seals in Westport Light State Park and yellow-bellied marmots, swans, cottontail rabbits and prairie falcons in Palouse Falls State Park. There are also many state parks that provide opportunities for lovers of adventure sports, such as mountain hiking and horseback riding.

More than 60 Washington State Parks allow metal detecting. The Peshastin Pinnacle State Park and Columbia Hills State Park are famous for rock climbing while the Fort Ebey State Park and Lincoln Rock are perfect for those who love paragliding. Several state parks also have facilities for Geocaching.  The Riverside State Park has about 600-acre area that is suitable for dirt biking and off-road vehicle riding.

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Garner State Park: Why Some Are Calling This Americas Best Kept Secret

Garner State Park is centrally located in Uvalde County, Texas. This recreational area is one of the most popular parks in the state and it is visited by many campers every single year. Whether you are interested in having a great outdoor experience, or you are just looking for a great place to meet new and exciting people, you will likely love what this park has to offer.

Garner State Park

Many people feel that this recreational area is one of America’s best kept secrets, because it offers many amenities other state parks do not offer. When you visit this destination, you will not only have a chance to enjoy sprawling landscapes, skyscraping mountaintops, and excellent riverside campsites, but you will also have a chance to enjoy the traditional dance party that happens nightly here as well.

When you visit this camper’s paradise, you will have all day to hike, swim, and relax, but when the sun sets, you will have a chance to meet up with all of your friends to dance the night away. There is great music and tons of food available here every single night and many people find the experience this wonderful gathering provides to be unforgettable.

There are also many rentals you can enjoy while you are here as well. Whether you are looking for a great campsite, or you just want to rent a tube to float down the river, you will likely find a great rental to top off your camping experience. You can even rent the pavilion for weddings and reunions as well.

Since Garner park offers so much to the people who visit it, many people who get to experience what Garner has to offer while growing up often recall it as being a special piece of their childhoods. For this reason, most people believe Garner Park is a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes.

While visiting this travel destination you should certainly take advantage of the many great amenities that are provided here. Children always enjoy the 18 hole miniature golf course and everyone loves to rent a barbeque pit and picnic table for the day too. These rentals are very affordable too, so everyone who visits the park can enjoy the splendid offerings that are available here.

You can also rent kayaks and peddle boats while you are playing in the sunshine here as well. The freshwater Frio river is very clean and it possesses excellent swimming and kayaking areas. Due to the many freshwater springs that lead into the Frio river, you can always count on it to be crystal clear and icy cold.

Overall, Garner State Park is one of America’s best kept secrets simply because it is such a great place to be and very few people know about it. While it is one of the most visited parks in Texas, the visitors primarily consist of locals. For this reason, anyone who gets a chance to visit this marvelous travel destination is truly very lucky.

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Enjoying Beach State Parks On The Coast

Some of the most spectacular Beach State Parks on the Coast can be found on the West Coast of California. National treasures and beautiful landscapes can be found here. Taking a trip along Highway 1, winding along the rocky Pacific Ocean, through splendid forests and past mountains that roll towards the sea. One will travel through the famous towns of Monterey, Carmel and San Simeon. One is sure to see why these charming towns have earned their prized standing.

Beach State Parks

To experience the sights and sounds of Monterey, one will need at least two days. A local aquarium has been awarded for its exquisite, interactive displays. Ocean life is abundant and one can see how otters and sea lions lounge and play in the sun. One can take a trip on a boat to enjoy sea or whale watching from the wharf.

Walking along the streets, one will see the colorful residents, galleries, hotels, bakeries, tourist shops, restaurants and plenty more. There are beautiful waterfront parks with superb restaurants that serve fresh seafood. Here, the true tastes, smells and colors of the town are clear.

The natural beauty of the area can be enjoyed by walking, running or biking along the recreational trail. See kayaking and scuba diving are other popular adventures that can be enjoyed in this area. One could either reach the beaches and state parks by car, by foot or by making use of guide companies.

Though it is part of Monterey County, Carmel-by-the-Sea is worth a full day’s visit. It is nearby Carmel and connected to Pacific Grove by a scenic route. On the way to Pacific Grove, one will go through the regal Del Monte Forest. The Lone Cypress is mid way along this drive. It has stood there atop its rocky perch for two and a half centuries. Other coastal outlooks en-route include Point Joe, Spanish Bay and Fanshell Overlook. Pebble Beach is home to a famous golf course that is renowned for its design and beauty. Prestigious tournaments that are attended by world-renowned players are held at this course.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of the top ten destinations in America. It mixes European charm with San Francisco sophistication and Hollywood glamour. A stroll along the beautiful, clean beach is the ideal way to relax at the end of a day. Self-guided tours are available through the museums as well as docent-led tours.

There are several dining spots as well as bars and restaurants to visit. One can enjoy beautiful ocean and mountain views while dining. There are four star shops in the town and one will be spoiled for choice.

Several more beautiful spots line the next stretch of the road. A majestic single-arch bridge was one of the largest in the world when it was completed in 1932. Several beach front accommodations are available in San Simeon. Here one can enjoy the local entertainment and arts.

One can enjoy a day at this beach town by enjoying the museums and beautiful architecture. Hiking, camping, fishing and boating are a few great ways to stretch ones legs. This can be done at a local beach state parks in the area.

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