November 18, 2018

Famous State Parks And Places Of Natural Beauty To Explore

America’s famous state parks, historic sites and natural areas offer much enjoyment and opportunities for leisurely walks. Some of these state parks rival some more famous national parks in terms of natural resources, beauty and historical and cultural significance. It is hard to select just a few of the best resources, as there are so many in each State.

Famous State Parks

People that will enjoy these areas include those that love the outdoors. They enjoy taking a vigorous hike in nature and sitting around a campfire, listening to the sounds of nature. These places offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy being outdoors.

In South Carolina, one is sure to enjoy the spectacular scenery, inland lakes, sandy white beaches, black water rivers and historic sites. This state offers some of the best areas of natural beauty where one can enjoy being close to nature. These areas take up more than 80,000 acres consisting of campsites and more. Here one can enjoy informative tours on history, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking and kayaking.

Some renowned beaches can also be found across America, such as Bahia Honda in Florida, Hapuna Beach in Hawaii, Fort Desoto in Florida and Hulopo’e Beach in Lanai, Hawaii. In Caldesi Island in Florida, there is three miles of nature trail. There is also 108-slip marina. Concession is available for everyone and there are picnic spots and bathhouses. Whether one is visiting for shelling, fishing or nature studies, there is a facility for it.

Residents and visitors of New York can enjoy the beauty and the sense of heritage and history of the area. The places are dog friendly. There is much more to the state than just the New York City area and the Niagara Falls, on which most visitors focus. There are many other places to visit and to enjoy in the Upstate region.

Some of the renowned places include Castile, Hudson, Sharon Springs, Troy, Ithaca, Rochester, Canandaigua, Saranac Lake, Watkins Glen and Saratoga Springs. The type of traveler who will enjoy these sports would be those who have not been to these places, as well as the traveler who enjoys shopping, sightseeing and culture. It appeals to students, seniors, singles, pet owners, couples and budget travelers.

Saratoga springs is a small city, but it has everything one needs for an enjoyable experience, ranging from shopping to great restaurants, spectacular old homes and beautiful nature spots. The best time to visit this city is after Labor Day and before the 4th of July. During this time, the town is not as crowded and rates are lower.

An interesting town in New York is Hudson. There are many antique stores that line the main street, as well as bookstores, eclectic shops and restaurants. This ambient little town is ideal for a nice stroll. Some feel that at has a spooky feel at night though, due to the many old mansions that lend a Gothic feel to the town. There is so much to see in America with its amazing famous state parks, places of natural beauty and historic towns, those nature lovers and lovers of history would never be bored.

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Take Your Next Vacation To A US State Park

More than 275 million people take state parks vacations in the US every year. This offers a unique experience in the great outdoors. These areas are becoming more popular with travelers, families and outdoor adventurers that are looking for the beauty of the American outdoors. Whether one is there to drive along the beautiful roads, or camping in the scenic parks, there are a few things to bear in mind to make this vacation most enjoyable.

State Parks Vacations

Summertime is the time when most crowds descend on the parks, as the schools are out and the weather is good. The scenery is also most beautiful. The hotels, lodges and campgrounds fill up quickly at the peak travel periods. The roads may also be busier than usual. For those who like more quiet times, it may be a good idea to visit during fall or spring when it is quieter.

However, one should not let the busy times deter them. Most visitors tend to cluster around the major attractions and the scenic areas. The popular parks however have miles of less crowded hiking trails. These spots can be visited during the day, while one could keep the busier attractions for early morning or late afternoon, when one is sure to miss the midday rush.

Most parks offer a range of different lodgings, ranging from upscale hotels to budget motels, rustic cabins and campgrounds. Camping is usually the cheapest option, but for that reason they often fill up quicker during peak travel season. Thus, one would have to arrange the campsite ahead of time. If one decides to stay in a cabin, it would be important to find out about the amenities, such as private bathrooms and more.

A park pass enables the family to visit several parks over a year. An annual charge is levied, which includes admission to any sites and monuments. It grants access to the holder, the vehicle and up to three more adults. Admission is free for children under the age of 16. A lifetime pass is available to seniors older than 62, and permanently disabled travelers get free lifetime passes.

While animal attacks are rare, one should still be careful. One should do research to find out the types of wildlife one may encounter and what to do if one is in danger. Generally, people are advised not to approach, feed or try to pose with animals for photographs. Families traveling with pets and children should keep a close eye on them and not unleash small animals.

Hiking boots should be broken in well in advance to avoid blisters. The same applies to new camping equipment. High-energy snacks and plenty purified water should be at the top of the list of things to bring along. Heat exhaustion and altitude sickness are two common afflictions suffered by visitors. A first-aid kit will be helpful.

Remember that the parks were created to protect native Fauna and Flora and if visitors do not help to maintain and protect them, it will damage these areas. Therefore, people going on state parks vacations, should respect the rules of the area.

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