December 10, 2018

Planning Your Family Vacation to Georgia State Parks

Summary: Come summer time and kids would only think of vacation and would get excited if you plan a vacation to Georgia State Parks.

The list of Georgia State Parks, details about when you can visit them and information about what facilities are available there are given here. There are about 48 state parks in Georgia. This is where you should be giving your kids a vacation that is close to nature.

georgia state parks

Amicalola Falls State Park

If waterfalls are the scenes that your kids are fond of, then you should be heading towards Amicalola Falls State Park, which is one of the Georgia State Parks. These falls, being the highest of the Mississippi Falls, are about 729 feet. You can stay here in cottages and tents. There is also a popular lodge here in case you want a very comfortable stay. This park is for those who are looking for some adventure like hiking and trekking. They have a dining place, which also has some bands playing there. This is one of the places where your children can have a close encounter with nature and enjoy roughing it out.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

This is one of the cleanest Georgia State Parks. There are about three trails that you can go through, The Backcountry Loop Trail, a two miles long trail, The Waterfalls Trail, which is around a mile and The West Rim Loop Trail, the longest of the three, about 5 miles long. You can go swimming and trekking here. Rock climbing is very dangerous, hence forbidden. You have campsites as accommodation in Cloudland Canyon State Park. They are open from 7.00 AM to 10 PM.

Florence Marina State Park

Fishing, swimming, boat rides, and a little bit of Native American history is what this place offers you. As the name itself tells, it is a water park. You can also go on a bird watching trip here. There is another state park close this place, the Providence Canyon State Park. There are some cottages where you can stay overnight. This park also offers some wonderful wildlife and is one of the beautiful Georgia State Parks.

Hamburg State Park

Hamburg State Park has a lot of outdoorsy activities. You can take your kid for some fishing in the Hamburg Lake. You have camps around this place where you can go camping. They also have some crafts festivals around here on the third Saturday of September which your kids can take part in. They also conduct some games here, which should be interesting for kids. The museum in this park will educate your kids about the history of the place.

Planning your vacation to one of the said Georgia State Parks could add a lot more fun and adventure to your vacation with your family.

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