February 22, 2019

Colorado State Parks: Beautiful Winter Vacation Spots

Summary: Fun and frolic is what the Colorado State Parks offer you and your family. Children would find this an exciting place to visit during their winter vacation. This place has something to offer for kids and adults alike.

If you are planning to give your children a dose of nature and its bounty, here are few of the Colorado State Parks for you to visit.

colorado state parks

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

Whitewater rafting is the most popular and exciting activity in Arkansas Headwaters. Kayaking is another activity which you take over here. You can also take your children on mountain biking and fishing. This is one of the few versatile Colorado State Parks that offer skiing, hiking, picnicking, rafting and many more activities all in one place. This is probably why this place is a complete vacation spot for the entire family. You can camp here even in winters. This would give you an opportunity to practice you skiing. And once the lake is frozen, you can even go ice fishing.

Chatfield State Park

A modern haven amidst nature is what you would get in Chatfield State Park, one of the Colorado State Parks. The campsite is very near to the lake, so you can enjoy fishing and swimming here. Since they provide most of the modern amenities, you can grill and have an eat-out here. The two major activities here are picnicking and boating. Since they have a trail, you can go trekking and biking too. Other activities include hiking, hot air ballooning, ice fishing, skiing, and most importantly snowshoeing.  Since this is a winter vacation spot, you can camp here during winter and experience the whiteness of the winter.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The Cheyenne Mountain trail is about 20 miles. So you can have strenuous trekking, hiking and mountain biking. Despite it being a mountainous region, they have provided amenities like an amphitheatre, conference halls and you can even hold events here. This could be a perfect place to have corporate meeting or just a family get-together. One of the major attractions here is the treasure hunt. If you have a business meeting or a family get-together here, you can have some good time of bonding because of this activity.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

This park has a very exotic name and its surroundings are equally beautiful. This place is even more beautiful when it is covered with snow. The activities here include biking, boating, cross-country skiing, fishing, and horseback riding. As far as snow activities are concerned, skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing are allowed over here, making it another one of the most beautiful winter vacation spots.

A visit to Colorado State Parks would be more fun and frolic and these spots could be on the priority in your vacation list.

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